Sainvil Is Making Futuristic R&B And His New Project “In Bad Shape” Is A Stellar Showcase Of Talent


Sainvil is Alamo Record’s newest budding R&B superstar. His unique style is a true breathe of fresh air, not only because of his soulful crooning, but the instrumentation Sainvil chooses pushes the boundaries of this sometimes stagnant genre. In these seven songs we hear this guy show off his different sides, all while enticing our ears with every note.

There is an element of auto-tune, but not an overtly done one at that. You can tell that Sainvil has a true talent for vocal capacity. Songs like “Martin” and “Dirty Dancing” are two pristine standouts. The latter of the two is an epic heater with production from Mike Hector and Veyis. This one has the most potential to turn this guy into a household name.

A cut like “Love You Always” is the softer side of Sainvil, touching on the toxicity that often time comes along with love. He paints these lush melodies atop ambient production making for a vivid landscape as the end product. Overall, these songs will put Sainvil in the conversation for one of the best new R&B acts. The music is far from monotonous and with it’s electric production this cohesive effort flows smoothly. I am thoroughly impressed with In Bad Shape and it would be in your best interest to tap into the gas below.


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