San Antonio Duo Reek & Sage Deliver An Incredible Double Feature For “Need It / Met You On The Internet”


Reek & Sage are a unconventional musical duo coming out of San Antonio. And to be perfectly honest I didn’t know much about that city’s respective scene until these guys came onto my radar. Sage is the maestro on the boards providing the rich backdrop for Reek to paint with ease. The don’t get swept up into fads and phases, instead they gift us vivid waves to indulge in.

“Need It / Met You On The Internet” are two records that have diverse tones and tempos. The first of the pair is smooth and sultry, while the latter is more boastful and arrogant in the best way. Reek truly is a student of hip-hop, but doesn’t remind us of boring boom bap. You can’t really compare the duo to anyone out because they have paved such a unique lane. DavieeDavee handled these frames, making an independent music video look miles better than some of these label’s attempts. Always rooting for these guys, the music is too good to ignore, peep below.


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