Seeyousoon Pushes the Envelope with “Fever”


If you’re into hard-hitting alternative hip-hop, Seeyousoon is a group you want to get acquainted with. The Orlando based Hip-hop collective continues to amaze with their newest single, “Fever.” This is a departure from their previous releases into a more distorted glitchy dystopia, and I love it.

Josh starts the track off with an intoxicating flow that sets the scene for what is to come. He’s a true wordsmith, utilizing inner rhymes to the fullest potential. This is followed by a laid back verse from Drex, using imagery of utter destruction. Taking advantage of the momentum, the Posse cut influenced hook brings the energy to an all-time high; this is easily one of the most enjoyable points of the track. Pitch has the final verse, and the distortion of his voice brings a refreshing element to the experience. He gives a stellar exhibition of his lyrical ability to close out the song!

If Seeyousoon continues making songs like this, they will be household names in no time! The pacing of this record is masterful; give it a listen!


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