Self-Doubt Is Dumb


So I was stressing about this past week just simply because of the workload. But guess what? I handled that shit and everyone is thrilled with me and my talents, but there were many a time when it wasn’t like that. For a while, I stifled myself with the idea that I didn’t want to overdo things, but you get to a point in your life and career when you realize that you’re doing a disservice to yourself. Life is about pushing things to the limit (within in reason, don’t take that as literally as it sounds) and you cannot just sit on the sidelines expecting to improve.

If you work around those who are waking up every day with a purpose you will improve. A lot of these tips are cut and dry if you really think about and I don’t have all the answers. I’m just somebody who fucked up enough to finally start to get it right. Be well.

808Vic – Vic’s Odyssey

Vic is in a lane all his own and he’s back on our pages with his new cut “Vic’s Odyssey”. The subtle imperfections of Vic‘s voice make us love his art even more because it basks in true authenticity. This is not me saying this man lacks the ability, no, instead he’s willing to share his real self and art with the world. 808Vic makes stellar, memorable music every time, tap in.

Monet NGO – Real Ass Love Story

Monet spends his days as a teacher, but his musical ability is unreal to say the very least. This was my favorite cut off his project After School Club because I feel like it could be the perfect song for a blockbusting soundtrack. His tone bleeds emotion and the powerful guitar only enhances the already heavy mood. Monet is a star waiting for the world to catch on, so peep it all above.

Donald Grunge – Petty Shit/Bother Me

Grunge is a Gleem and a rising name to know as well. He dropped his new track called “Petty Shit/Bother Me” and this is one of Donald‘s best cuts to date. This double-titled cut is really just one song, but the lush instrumentation fused with Grunge‘s melodic tone makes for a great moment in his career. The Gleems have been making noise out of Mass, but I think it’s time the world gets another look. Introduce yourself to Donald Grunge above.

TG Fee – HighestSelf

Chicago’s TG Fee floats over an infectious sample and some Michigan-inspired percussion with his new effort for “HighestSelf”. Can’t go wrong with a beat from Carlo either, but Fee does a great job of shining alongside the production. With a number of artists always blowing up out of Chicago, the city will continue to have eyes on it. Peep it for yourself above.

Headband Henny Featuring Santino Jones – Oak Street

Henny and Santino have linked up for a laid-back moment called “Oak Street”. This wave is cool calm and collected all while both of these artists deliver their sermon to the people. The frames are not carried by fancy edits or a high-budget, instead it connects with the people on a real level. This duo brings honesty to the rap game instead of another boisterous lie from the machine. Headband Henny is a name to know from Michigan to the world.

Phil Crown – Broken Wings

Phil Crown has a very approachable sound and the production reminisces of the 80s. There’s a certain lustful sparkle that goes alone with Crown‘s music and “Broken Wings” is an astounding introduction to a new ear. His voice is soothing and you can hear true emotion in the vocals. We wouldn’t be surprised if we hear the name Phil Crown a few more times before the end of the year, so until the next, enjoy

Bhanga Bangla, Ivory Shakur, Young Prince & 41X – Empty

This caught me by surprise, but in the best way possible. This Los Angeles-based trio is making music for more than just North America. Showing that it’s possible to still bask in their Bangladeshi culture, but meld that into the rest of the world’s music taste. A fusion of Rap, R&B, and shining elements of their South Asian heritage. This one slaps, so take the time to dive in.

Raylon – Please

Raylon‘s song”Please” stood out to us because of their vulnerability. You can hear the pain in his Country-fused R&B approach. It’s funny because the twang of his voice gives off waves in one direction, but the production reminds me of a ballad set for crooning. Either way, Raylon leaves it all on the pavement, so dive into it above.



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