Seven Songs You Need To Hear Today


I heard motherfuckers in the barbershop talking about Brick doesn’t write about new music he loves any more. Well guess what, you’re partially correct. I’d rather integrate my taste in the form of other young scholars’ penmanship. You know you gotta take the elevator back down sometimes to spread the sauce and our team is flourishing more than ever.

With that being said, I found a few very special songs that need to be brought to the light. A wide variety of looks and flavors, but they all shine brightly apart from the hullabaloo.

THREE65 – City Of Freaks

We’ve posted this man before, but to be perfectly honest we slept a bit on his talents. THREE65 reigns from Cleveland, Ohio and he recently had a snippet retweeted by none other than Mike Dean himself. THREE‘s vocal register is very similar to a certain legendary artist, which you should pick up on immediately. In these frames, directed by Jono, we see him paint the town in a intoxicating manner. While the screen goes blurry and the lights disorient you, the music brings you back to peace. Stay tuned for more from this guy, he’s onto something serious.

Julian Skiboat – My Room

This was sent to me by the good bro Sage and he happened to direct this video with DavieeDavee. It is a truly simplistic, yet tastefully done set of frames. Julian Skiboat‘s “My Room” will be stuck in your mind throughout the day and is honestly a great song to soothe any headache. The overall tone is very gentle, but still protrudes his brilliance. The wave is captured inside an incredibly relatable realm of avoiding the problems of the outside world. Truly impressive from a visual and auditory standpoint, so tap into the gas above.

Croosh – Eyes

Croosh is a Chiefers veteran, but still makes songs that attract new listeners. In these frames for “Eyes” we are enchanted by a number of settings in which this protagonist delivers his message. Pulling at the heart strings of the listener, you are encapsulated by his gaze and tone. The slight distortion adds a grungy characteristic meshing with the brilliant shots directed by Melissa Sunset. Always good to see these artists continue the mission, tap in above.

Bleachh – Three Cheers (For Worst Fears)

Bleachh is a rising star in the hyperpop scene and his music has expanded to great new heights over the past few months. Coming off a Spotify editorial spot, “Three Cheers (For Worst Fears)” is an electronic, power-ballad for the new generations. The layering of his vocals melded with the drum’s distortion keeps us interested from start to finish. This kid is far from slowing up, so peep this shit above.

Doze – Shadow

Now this one is a more alternative, laid-back feel. Doze looks honestly like prison Mike with that bandana on, but the music is pretty fucking tight. You have to appreciate the well done visuals, essentially a digitized scrapbook. A subtle and somber cut, but Doze can croon some tunes and make the fans feel. This was tight, it didn’t look like anyone, it didn’t sound like anyone either.

Joei Razook & Kellbender – Unsatisfied

Now I’m obviously quite bias to both of these youngins, but the music is seriously great. Razook is expanding his vocal approach and Kell‘s vivid instrumentation does just that. “Unsatisfied” is the first single off their joint-album dropping in the near future. This song bleeds pain and a strong dose of emotion while the driving percussion shakes up your spine. It’s only the beginning for these two, in a world where anything is possible, watch what they do next.

Dua Saleh – Signs

Lastly, but certainly not least is Dua Saleh and her new video for signs. Not only is this video chaotically brilliant, it disorients you in the best way making sure you don’t turn away from the screen. In these vivid black and white frames you see the light hypnotize you, all while Dua delivers her sermon. The approach is unconventional and her vocal acrobatic take us with her wherever she may go. This is so different, but that’s why it works so well. Peep this fire ass shit above.




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