She Loves Boon Is Back With His Vivid Visuals For “Feel The Feeling”


Boon doesn’t give a fuck about what you think his music should sound like. He’s in his bag wit “Feel The Feeling” and it dials in a number of genres from the jump. The video was shot by Adam Ginsberg of Goodstuff, and we see Boon and his lady trip about in a colorful setting. Once you’ve become a fan of Boon, you grow to love his infectious energy. His daring genius when it comes to music is what’s going to take him a long way.

With production from loe4t and Mike Mroz, you are witnessing a pop smash right before your eyes. Modern waves, but they come off seemingly effortless from this poignant trio. The album Emotional Trap drops on September 1st, but let this be a sign that the flood of Boon is beginning. She Loves Boon is a name to know, so get acquainted asap.


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