Shore Makes A Statement With New Project “Bipolar Chapters”


It feels like a new artist is popping up from the DMV every week now, but Shore has definitely been one of the most exciting and promising new artists I’ve found in a while. The Annapolis, Maryland native recently dropped his sophomore album Bipolar Chapters and it exceeded any expectations anyone could’ve set for the budding artist. Every track has a contagious energy to it building off the last, making for a very enjoyable and cohesive listen. 

Shore is truly in a lane of his own, pulling inspirations from every subgenre within hip hop right now to create a never before heard style really innovating the new direction of rap. The melodies and tones from Shore’s delivery across the whole project stand out and show major promise as he’s developed and polished his sound more and more with every drop. With Shore seeming to have now found his lane and sound, I don’t see anything slowing him down from here and I definitely encourage you to check out Bipolar Chapters down below.



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