Siren & Mic Kellogg – Priestess



Ugggggghhhhhhh. Siren out of Milwaukee has one of the most beautiful voices and most insane vocal ranges in the whole game right now. She just released a new single entitled “Priestess,” produced by another Milwaukee artist and friend of mine, Mic Kellogg.

I’ve had the immense pleasure of seeing Siren perform live on numerous different occasions, and she has one of the most intense stage presences in the area. There was a point when I saw her perform “Priestess,” and in the song, it says, “I am the priestess, get on your knees and pray to this.” Everyone in the crowd was on their knees, and it was mesmerizing. This 22 (almost 23, happy early birthday!) year-old woman has such a timeless voice, refined like expensive wine. Check out “Priestess” below, and stay tuned for her new EP to drop!



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