Skodi Returns With Her Otherworldly Visuals For “Outerspace”


Skodi is a name that the world is going to hear a lot of in the upcoming months. She already blesses the biggest stages, performing at Rolling Loud wherever they decide to set up shop. This time around she links with the legendary Nuri Saberian for “Outerspace”, an eclectic opus with an abundance of replay value. Skodi doesn’t need to sound like anyone else either, she has her own wave and will continue to push boundaries with every release.

These self-directed visuals had some assistance from Amanda Martinez, and this duo transformed these frames into an otherworldly experience. Skodi is headed to Portugal this year to perform at the RL international leg and it’s only a matter of time before the world hears her loud and clear. Until the next batch of gas, do yourself a favor and tap into it all below.


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