Smokingskul Proves He’s Up Next With Visuals For “Nina”


If you haven’t heard of Smokingskul before, now is the time to get hip. His career trajectory has been insane and his latest single “Nina” is currently #18 and rising on the Soundcloud New and Hot charts. He’s accompanied this single with a video from one of my favorite videographers, Tycho Burwell. Tycho‘s work is legendary in the underground, and now he adds “Nina” to his long list of accolades.

Skul‘s voice is extremely distinct, and sonically he’s very memorable. His songs consist of bars that are delivered extremely quick and contain outlandish punchlines. Production on this track is really upbeat and bouncy, meshing together perfectly with Skul‘s voice and delivery. This is a song that will get stuck in your head.

On the director side, Tycho goes absolutely ham on this project. It’s a simple concept, but executed extremely well. I’m a big fan of the quick cuts throughout the video and the vfx are super dope. In my opinion, this is a video ya’ll need to check out. Tap in down below!


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