Smooky MarGielaa’s Visual for “On The Block” Is Tough Asf


One of the youngest members of AWGE in Smooky MarGielaa is seriously the truth. The New York City based rapper took the music industry by storm in 2017 and has continued through 2018 and now into 2019. His newest visual for “On The Block”, directed by Miller Time Pictures Production, showcases the young artist “On The Block” with his boys, with high quality shots blended uniquely with vintage styled cuts. MarGielaa‘s smooth hooks and his softer, melodic voice allows for his raps to flow really well. The vocal production throughout the track is impressive, capturing Smooky switching up his flows and rapping at different speeds throughout the record to keep the excitement up. His sound, a perfect blend between singing and rapping, is an up-and-coming trend that I can see Smooky MarGielaa pioneering. Tap in and check out his new visual for “On The Block” above!


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