Soldier Kidd Drops A Heavy New Single “Uh Uh”


21-year-old Haitian rapper and Florida-native, Soldier Kidd dropped his new single “Uh Uh” early this month. Almost all rappers from the south seem to arrive on the scene with a certain disposition swag, and attitude that they know they’re destined for stardom.

That exact attitude is what garnered Soldier Kidd the success he’s received thus far. With hits like “Better BE”, “Grand Theft Auto”, and “Thug Cry”, the rapper has already cemented himself in the Florida rap game, and he knows it on the new song “Uh Uh”. In Soldier‘s new single he’s simply letting us know he’s better than you, your ex, the competition, any, and everyone in between too. Soldier‘s at his most cocky state right now and why not? With some of the most distinctive vocals in the game, it’s safe to say no one can duplicate what he brings to the Florida rap scene.


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