Solo Sam Shows Shades Of Jordan In His New Visuals For “Two Three”


Solo Sam is from the windy city and while the air up there is frigid, his video for “Two Three” is sure to bring some warmth to your evenings. Linking with the young visionaries at Stripmall Productions, we’re gifted shots and edits that put Sam into some familiar pieces of pop culture. Obviously inspired by memorabilia and glorious moments from Jordan’s career, Stripmall did a wild good job of flipping this footage on its head.

Sam makes great hip-hop, and it’s as simple as that. His recent project Plated was full of rich vocals and instrumentation. “Two Three” just proves he has a bright future ahead of him and his visual approach is just another stellar attribute. Have a look for yourself below and be immersed in this great piece of cinema, we’ll talk to you soon.


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