SoloSam Is Going To Surprise The World With His New Project “Principles To Die By”


I wouldn’t rant and rave about music like this if it wasn’t fucking incredible. Sorry to Sam‘s family for cussing because I know they’ll probably read this, but truly, one of the best projects to come from a rising artist in 2021. The doubters will say that he doesn’t have this and that when really his formula is already almost complete.

I attended his listening party in Chicago last weekend and the people stood around in the rain to listen to Sam‘s album. Everyone came up and thanked him for the experience and made sure to let him know that they loved the project. And really it’s only four new songs because, “Hotbox” with Michael Christmas, “Tree” featuring S-O-S, “Traffic Jam”, and “Motorbike Freestyle” were all gifted to the people already. But man oh man, these new songs will bring you inside a glasshouse full of emotions. “Addictions” and “Changes” featuring the legendary Daniyel, are both tear-jerking auditory sentiments that you can’t deny and both of these will move your soul. “Roses” showcases that Sam can not only croon but hang with the best of them when it comes to bars and truly sets the tone for the project.

Great albums cannot get rained out or ignored because the music will age incredibly with time. SoloSam is a great example of doing your own thing, staying focused and the rest will follow the work. Do yourself a favor and peep Principles To Die By below.


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