Songs To Shotgun A Yerba To


There’s a whole lotta hullabaloo going on these days and we’re here to give your mind a break. As the Yerba courses through my veins, this causes me to just lift random household goods measuring as to how powerful I have truly become. And it’s a nice day outside, quietly tantalizing my senses until I finish this piece. They ask why do you still make the time to write these things? Because I love music and without it, I feel like a basic piece of shit. Expressing yourself through the varietals of art that bless our planet is a true privilege, so why wouldn’t you partake in the bliss. Let’s all take a deep breath together and with that being said, let’s peep this gas below.


Phil is one of those ones. His baritone register meshes incredibly well with a number of production styles, but Giane cooked something real special for the bro. “Carry On” doesn’t boast a high-budget set of frames, but this video is the perfect accent to Phil‘s wave. As the Brent sample floats through the air, the percussive manner in which Phil and the drums move in synchrony is astounding. There is always unique energy that comes from this new grouping of music, but this is the highest level of the underground. I have a strange feeling that RealYungPhil will be a household name in a number of months, so tap into this one above.

Swooty Mac – LESSISMORE | Blue af

Swooty is a real Cincinnati artist playing by his own rules. In these frames for “LESSISMORE | blue af” we see an introspective view of this man and his sound. Essentially a double feature with a break in the production, but no break in the somber mood. You can sense strong self-awareness within Swooty, examining his emotions from a bird’s eye view. It’s almost as if this is his meditation to renew energy to fight another day. A very moving set of visuals from DreShotThis, so do your soul a favor and pay attention.

BoofPaxkMooky – I’ve Been High For Days

Mooky is one of the most overlooked artists within modern music and he paired with one of the most overlooked producers GRIMM Doza. In these seven differing cuts we hear this duo push each other to bring the world something so off-kilter that it’s brilliant. In a world of pitch-corrected shrieks and screams, the pocket these two have crafted is where the calm resides. No panic, stress or anxiety, just calculated moves in the opposite direction of the crowd. “Honestly” and “Amounts” are the personal favorites, but Mooky and GRIMM might as well make this project a series. I’ve Been High For Days is one of the year’s best projects, don’t get left behind.

itsoverjorden – don’t look down

Itsoverjorden is a newcomer to the arena, but his look and sound are next level. With production from G Bosman, Charlie Shuffler, Gandorf, Dirtysosabeats, and Curtains, the canvases are pristinely picked to be painted. “Mr. Crazy” is a real standout because of the undeniable electricity, and “Tell Me A Lie” has the potential to be an absolute smash. The fashion side of things is already handled and Jorden knows how to keep his image crisp. Good to see an artist with great talent understand how important the entire spectrum of the art is delivered. Don’t Look Down is a stellar introduction to this young artist and we’re looking forward to seeing how he moves from here.

Offset Jim & Kenny Beats – Face Card

Offset Jim and Kenneth link for an Oakland slapper unlike any other. While the frames show our protagonists in the middle of a very lucrative heist, the music stands out in a shining manner. Jim is the rising star of the Bay Area, but he doesn’t look like he’s gonna fumble any of the plays. Some may listen and try to categorize this as lackadaisical, but really it’s just that pimpish style that comes with unwavering confidence. Offset Jim and Kenny Beats is a powerful team, so the people may need another round of this ASAP.


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