Sorry We Slept: Skodi’s Cut “Back” Is Sheer Auditory Radiance


Skodi is a Florida representative, though her sound is completely different than what you think the state might offer. Her insatiable cut “Back” has the potential to become a song you cannot escape. Partly because of the bounce that is curated by the instrumentation, handled by Cxnstvnt, but also because you can sense the star power in this young woman. Skodi floats across the sky turning the beat into her alabaster canvas, dropping calm and collected gems with every bar.

Her tone is smokey and gentle but commands the attention of anyone who tunes in. That’s when we see that her music is full of unwavering confidence and the world could eat this shit up. With direction from Orlandito and a visual production credit for JMP, these frames are top-tier to say the very least. In the upcoming months, expect to hear the name Skodi more, she’s onto something special. Until the next drop, stream the gas below.


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