Sossa’s Latest Project “Sossaworld” Proves He’s The New Producer To Beat


These days, it can feel like everyone is a producer. A quick dive on SoundCloud can become overwhelming – you’re likely to feel like you’re drowning in music after a few short minutes. We’re here to help you separate the dope from the whack, the trailblazers from the trend-spotters. The best producers build detailed worlds out of thin air, and Kansas City’s sossa is one of those rare gems.

Sossa has built up a unique and distinctive body of work over the past several years, and he’s developed a signature, playful production style that incorporates chime-y, buoyant synths and airy keys. Those trademarks are on full display all across the board on on his latest collection of tracks, titled sossaworld.

“sossaworld” plays like a greatest hits collection for sossa – it collects his absolute best tracks from the past year and presents them in one clean package. There’s the Chiefers favorite “Dirty,” a collaboration with ATL Smook, and the insanely catchy Slime Dollaz joint “SSET” that features Slimesito. Other highlights come courtesy of 10KDUNKIN, whose “notta homebody” and “NO DRILL” stand out as two of the best tracks here. Sethy P has his moment with the dope “smokin’ out da pound,” and that’s only the tip of the iceberg for this project.

sossaworld highlights the work of one of the leading lights in the production game, and we can’t wait to see what sossa does next. Don’t sleep, stream sossaworld on SoundCloud down below.


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