Specxfic’s “Misunderstood” Sees Him Introduce A Different Side to His Sound


Since the success of tracks like “School k Pt.2” with CheRomani+, “Her or Him” and “You Don’t Know My Name”, Specxfic has continued a prolific run with tons of great new music, including his new EP Misunderstood

To fully get the intended effect of this album, please don’t sit at your computer and get fried as fuck. Go walk around on a nice ass day so that you can appreciate the cheery production and Spec‘s versatility.

My personal favorite off of the five-track project is “Quite Alright”, which integrates tinges of Latin music on the beat with the shaker and mellow guitar strums. A close tie for my second favorite is the tracks “What’s The Plan” and “Run Off”. Despite having vastly different vibes, these two songs bookend the project perfectly. Check out Misunderstood below.


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