South Florida’s Splash Zanotti Releases His New Album, “Sz Canis Majoris”


Florida artist Splash Zanotti literally, and I mean literally, makes a splash with his new album, Sz Canis Majoris. We are introduced to a series of tracks where Splash demonstrates his versatility from super-trap songs to out-right pop records. From songs like “Everyday” that highlight Splash’s melodic side then we fast-forward to “HoodRich,” featuring Chxpo, that’ll have you getting buck in the middle of the grocery store as you buy that holiday ham for your family dinner.

I think this is a new and good look for Splash as he’s letting the world know he can make all types of music and he’s open to exploring that. Notable features on the project have to be Ski Mask The Slump God, DirtyFaceSmook, Ronny J, Chief Pound, Mikey More, SlaughterYaMomm, and Jonny Hopkins, who add more juice to this thirst-quenching album. Make sure you give this record a spin and let us know your favorite track. Album is available for streaming below!



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