staysie atoms Proves She’s Unstoppable With “SHEESH”


Sometimes an underground artist captures the zeitgeist so perfectly that you have to just sit and wonder at why they aren’t a star. staysie atoms, the Memphis-based SoundCloud rapper with an angelic voice, is one of those rare gems. atoms, like PinkPantheress, draws on cultural touchstones of the 1990s and aughts. Her aesthetic, composed of equal parts anime, the Sims, and Crash Bandicoot, retains a distinct familiarity despite its outward strangeness.

The songs themselves, and “SHEESH” in particular, stay in that uncanny middle ground. The reverb-drenched vocals and blurry production give the track a hazy feel, but her raps are so outrageous that her whole schtick becomes hypnotic.¬†On top of it all, atoms is fucking hilarious. Her singular combination of deadpan delivery and ethereal melodies will leave you entranced. It turns out the complete package does exist. To everyone else on SoundCloud, do better.

Listen to “SHEESH” at the SoundCloud link below


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