Strapped! Is Back With Their Third Project Called “Stay Strapped, Vol. 3”


There are a few pages that actually have the means to put projects together, but the big ones fall short. On the other hand, Strapped! has kept the momentum brewing and gifted the world their third installment in the Stay Strapped! series. You’d be correct if it has some of your favorite artists on there, from Lone, to Sahbabii, Uno, Bans and Kayo. But this project as a whole doesn’t feel forced.

A subtle cohesion of how these budding kings meld together makes for brilliance to watch from start to finish. But aside from the names above, the underground continues to make heavy noise on this opus. With cuts featuring Slimesito, Tony Shhnow, Warhol.SS, Slime Dollaz, ATL Smook, DaeMoney, and Highway, all of these legends add to this project in illustrious ways.

We’ll get out of the road and let you enjoy the waves, and get tapped into a project from a brand that knows what great music is below.


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