Suicide Rascal Takes Us On A Vibrant Ride In His Visuals For “LoveisBlue&Green”


Cincinnati’s Suicide Rascal is one of the most creative minds in recent memory to come out of the Queen City and his sound is unconventional as ever.¬†Instead of getting washed away in a current fad, Rascal and Luna keep curating their unique take on modern rap. I wouldn’t even limit these two to just hip-hop because their talent ranges much farther than one genre. What I do know is that both these guys just want to spread love and keep kicking cool shit for the city.

In these new visuals for “LoveisBlue&Green” we see Rascal stroll through his wondrous fantasy of colors and floating hallucinations. Filmed by Grant Meeker, edited by Alex Consante and with more illustrations from the genius Riley Savage, this braintrust called Hivemind is having a seriously strong 2018. These frames do a great job of portraying how Rascal’s mind would pan-out on a screen. Overall, this is some crazy cinematic work for your cerebellum, enjoy the shots above.


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