Summrs Flaunt’s His Dominance With Release Of His New Visuals For “swing ya pole”


Summrs is coming in scorching hot, fresh off the release of his highly anticipated album, Fallen Raven. Fallen Raven has been teased for months with Summrs pulling back on numerous occasions to focus heavier on the quality of his music. Emphasis on quality and time is something that has become a rarity in the era of fast results, TikTok, emphasis numbers and hungry fans. Especially in the wake of Yeat dropping and making headlines at a consistent rate, rapidly ascending into prominence.

Fallen Raven is a 23 track project that essentially functions as a double disc album. Side A or the first half of the album, is full of jarring, head-banging, and menacing beats. The second half of the album features more tracks that are akin to Summrs’s original “pluggnb” sound.  Following the release of Fallen Raven, Summrs released four straight music videos within a week’s timing. This is really significant because Summrs only has 6 music videos on his official YouTube channel. This is very low in comparison to his peers, especially when you consider the fact that these few releases on his main channel happened over a 2 year time period.

“swing ya pole” is the latest video from Summrs off of the more uptempo, aggressive, first half of the project. Summrs rode the Paulo (producer), Venexxi & Mingo production of bells, dark synths and blasting 808’s. The production of this track gives off heavy boss battle energy. The Jmoney1041 directed and 88lamin shot/edited visuals matched the commanding nature of the track through quick edits of fast camera panning, bullets falling and animated guns twirling. Check out the visuals for my favorite video and song from Summrs’s, Fallen Raven album, “swing ya pole” below. 


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