Supreme – Cherry Video Teaser [Video]


After almost 20 years, Supreme is finally releasing a full-length skateboard video. Supreme, New York City’s oldest skate shop, is still going strong and this looks to a good indicator. Their spring/summer collection is flawless, so if you have checked that out then you need to do that as well.

“Cherry” is about four years in the making, and will include a bunch shop locals & legends like Mark Gonzales, Eric Koston, Jason Dill, AVE, and much more. After the jump, check out out some of Supreme’s spring/summer collection, and the trailer to their highly anticipated skate tape.

 Summer/Spring Collection via Supreme:

knqe_trv_es V8R1FSWWmRQ VWQQGdEzk9s


“cherry”…coming soon from william strobeck on Vimeo.


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