Sxmpra Keeps His Foot on The Gas With “GODZILLA!”


New Zealand artist Sxmpra has been on my radar recently due to his unique execution of the tracks he puts out. Most recently, Sxmpra released an innovative single titled “GODZILLA!,” which mixes my two favorite genres: phonk and hardcore punk, accompanied by the eye-popping cover art by chase main.

Sxmpra manages to create a song that either makes me want to go hit a PR in the gym or get a Supra and start building the perfect Need for Speed car. The production starts off in half-time with compressed vocals from Sxmpra and builds up to the perfect villain-arc drop. The former Schemaposse member does a remarkable job of creating clarity in his vocals while simultaneously creating noise you can’t miss. I’d definitely recommend this song to anybody looking for a kickstart to the day as it could fire you up for any occasion. 


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