T-Bruin Gifts The World A Heroic New Project Called “Remember Me From Here”


Just drop the link and let the work speak for itself. I don’t need these artists to sell me on themselves when we don’t have the same auditory pallet. With that being said this guy T-Bruin did just what I asked and his new project Remember Me From Here is nothing short of magnificent.

In just seven tracks, we hear numerous shades of Bruin‘s greatness. I likened this to a very fundamentally sound Hip-Hop EP. He’s not trying to be outlandish with his claims and antics, instead he delivers consistent cadences with top-tier lyricism. “Columbian Quarters” is the most commercial of the bunch, produced by the phenom, Young Lord Sean, but still broods of golden-era inspiration.

I love the duality that this project walks between and following up with “The Number Hole” we are shown that even more. Abstract flows breaks the monotony and pushes the ear to question what it hears at times. Different styles make for a more interesting cohesive package and “Homecoming (Terron’s Reprise)” takes up the energy yet again, but doesn’t fade into the popular drill sound of the city.

This project is quintessential New York City rap, but with Bruin‘s insightful spin through it. This guy can really rap and not in a corny, over done way. He’s serious about curating his story and you can tell by how refined his sound is. So shout out to T-Bruin and anyone else who put some work in on this project because this shit is serious. Peep game below.


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