Taleban Dooda and T9ine Shine On Their Latest Collaboration “Chosen”


Since their first collaboration in 2018, Tampa natives T9ine and Taleban Dooda have established themselves as two of the brightest young artists in South Florida’s rap scene. T9ine is fresh off the release of his outstanding Fast Life Living LP, and Dooda is on a hot streak of his own, with recent singles like “Dis Dooda” and “Problematic” still picking up steam.

On the duo’s latest collaboration “Chosen”, T9ine’s bluesy baritone contrasts nicely with Dooda’s high-pitched delivery. Over an uplifting symphony of strings and pianos, both rappers offer poignant verses about beating the odds and staying cool under pressure. “Chosen” sounds like two rising stars hitting their strides. Check out the Jacob Hale-directed video below.



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