T$AN Showcases His Versatility on New Single, “Lights Out”


T$AN returns with a follow up to his “Str8 Drop” single that amassed over 1K on YouTube and 4K+ on SoundCloud in just a few days. Man do I wish this song was on streaming services. Nevertheless, I don’t mind re-watching this vivid music video because it serves as a roller coaster into T$AN World. That said, T$AN’s “Lights Out” is more of a swinging carousel on a cool summer night that eases the listener into the introspective side of T$AN’s music persona.

T$AN takes a much more mellow and vulnerable approach on “Lights Out” which is apparent by the lines of the chorus in which he says, “I don’t really like the day too much, cause my thoughts get clear when the lights out.” T$AN feels more creative at night and better equipped to handle the pressures that come with being a rising 19-year-old rap star during this contemplative time. The instrumentation matches this vibe through the inclusion of soft guitar riffs over a steady drum pattern. Vocally, T$AN’s autotune has been softened just enough to glide over the chords in the background. The video entail’s numerous shots of T$AN under dark and vibrant lighting, surrounded by atmospheric backdrops. My favorite effect in this video is during the scene where there appears to be multiple T$AN’s singing with conviction under cloudy lighting and a shadowy background.

If this doesn’t make you excited for T$AN’s T$ANBOX EP, then idk what will. He has shown marked improvement with every release, differentiating himself from his predecessors by continuously digging into his creative arsenal. Make sure to be on the lookout for a deeper look into the rise of T$AN along with some of our other favorite producers/artists from Philadelphia’s current alternative Hip-Hop scene. Check out T$AN’s latest melodic effort, “Lights Out,” below.


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