Tank God and Roddy Ricch Drop Off Fire New Track, “Better”


Tank God and Roddy Ricch just came together to make a brand new hit called, “Better”.

Tank God flexes with Roddy Ricch on his self-produced banger, “Better,” co-produced by RahulTank has been making a name for himself lately, and the soon-to-be superstar is under Dre London‘s management (who’s mostly known for his role as Post Malone‘s manager). Roddy Rich has been making waves of his own in 2018, catching the attention of most hip-hop fans over the past few months. Together, they created a hit that is a perfect start to 2019. I got to speak to Roy Lenzo, the engineer for the track (who’s popular for his collabs with production duo DayTrip and rapper IDK). Roy said,

“Working with Tank, I always know I’m going to start off with something that’s good quality. Mixing “Better” was fun from the start with the great production and the unique rapping style Roddy Rich has. When I got this song from Tank, I vibed with it from the beginning and I knew what I needed to do – make Roddy‘s vocals sound crisp and have the 808 and drums really hit. It’s always great to work with other producers and artists that have a vision and ear for a project.” This track is one of my favorites at the moment. Check out “Better” in the link below, and show Tank and Roddy some love!



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