Tap In With Cloud9Kino And His New EP “Panama Red”

I’ve covered Cloud9Kino before and now I’m covering him again because the young rapper just dropped what might be one of my favorite projects so far in 2022. After a short hiatus following the release of the track, “Magnetic Attraction”, Kino is back and he’s back with a bang. His newest project Panama Red is a sonic masterpiece and a short but extremely pleasant listening experience. The Dallas rapper exercises his versatility, providing us with a different sound on each of the 5 tracks, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

The album starts off with a bang. “Twin Flames” is undoubtedly my favorite song off the project. It opens up with some electric production and Kino starts singing about how he’s found a girl that could be his twin flame. Kino‘s vocals on the track are amazing, but he also drops some great bars on the second verse, utilizing some very clever wordplay. Next up is “Soul Ties”, a pretty chill track with some catchy production. It serves as the perfect link to the next track, “Burning Sage”. On this track, Kino talks about how he thinks this girl he’s met is perfect, but she always finds a way to “blow his high”. The hook on this track is beautiful, and the trumpet heavy production is a standout. After “Burning Sage” comes “Don’t Wanna Think About You”. This track is my second favorite on the project, and it was honestly hard to choose between it and “Twin Flames”. Kino delivers another mesmerizing hook, but the verses on this track really standout for me. I also love how Kino floats onto the beat at the beginning of the track, it’s extremely catchy. Finally, the album ends the same way that it started, with a bang. “Magnetic Attraction” is the final track on the album and I’m not even gonna comment on it I’m just going to let you guys experience the beauty of this track. I’ve got to say that my favorite thing about this project is the versatility that Kino brings to the table. Each song sounds different, and provides the listener with a fresh sound. If you don’t believe me just check it out for yourself. “Panama Red” is linked down below, let’s rock!


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