Tap In With Holland, Michigan’s Newest Rising Star Caleb Byers


On a very rare occasion does an artist reach out with their music in a professional manner. Try to avoid all of the “why don’t you guys ever post so and so?” and “hope all is well on your side, but when are you posting this?”. Instead reach out calmly, without demands, include all of your proper credentials/socials and we can go from there. Well, this kid from Michigan not only did it in the right way, but this shit slaps as well.

Caleb Byers is from Holland, Michigan which is about 3 hours from Detroit. This is the polar opposite of Sada, Drego and Babyface Ray, but it still portrays Michigan in a incredibly unique light. He sent over his newest work entitled “Water Your Plants” and this self-produced cut is brimming with potential. The off-kilter instrumentation sets an electric tone, while Byers cleans everything up with his distinctive auditory approach.

It’s wild that this guy has such a small following at the moment, but I have a strange feeling it won’t be this way for long. Tap in with Caleb below and we’ll have more gas for you shortly.


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