Undiscovered Gems: Texas’ Whookilledkenny is Dynamic on “Finna Charge”


Let me set the scene; I was driving along the coast of Fort Lauderdale’s beaches. As my phone was skimming between tracks, I was suggested a song, but most of the time, I’m very indifferent about many of the tracks Spotify throws my way. However, when I heard the clean flows and the ambitious production, my head began bobbing up and down. I immediately reached for my phone (almost causing an accident) to see the song’s name and the artist. To my delight, it was Whookilledkenny‘s “Finna Charge”. 

This track is insane and has an infectious energy. On the record, we hear Kenny describe the life of being hood famous and making plays. This noticeably mentioned in the bars, “Eastside them niggas love it, Westside them niggas love it. Northside posted with my cousin, On the south side just sold a dozen”. Although the lyrics are fantastic, my favorite part is just how effortlessly Kenny flows on the track. He’s able to catch the perfect pocket to capitalize on the bouncy beat giving this track a crazy amount of replay value. Make sure you catch this heat below!


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