The Bare Minimum


Ah yes here we are again with another journal entry about why I’m annoyed with people for this week. If you’re a part of a team you should congratulate and cheer on your teammates for any of their personal accolades. Instead of trying to look too cool or support things that aren’t on brand, you’re going to lose out on a real team member who goes above and beyond. People aren’t being too sensitive, everyone just needs to be conscious of others’ feelings and show love. Quite literally the bare minimum.

Isai Morales, Bari And Devin Burgess – Elmundoestuyo

Isai and Devin have been going crazy for years now, but this time around they link with Bari for a wondrous set of sounds “Elmundoestuyo” which translates to the world is yours, is a vivid depiction of all three of these maestros talents. They exude originality and continue to push the limits of modern music. This one is special so peep it all above.

YB – Praying Hands

YB is back on our pages and will continue to do so if he keeps dropping work like this. “Praying Hands” is an introspective side of his psyche but takes a deeper look into how his talents come to fruition. Coming out of Arkansas, there isn’t a consistent scene of artists who have broken into the mainstream. Though with consistent drops and precise bars with confidence brimming at the seams, YB seems to be on the right track. Peep it all above.

Keyomani – Babysitter

Keyomani is an artist who will be on just about everyone’s radar by the end of 2023. With the cut “Babysitter” we hear our protagonist tiptoe through the atmosphere with his brilliant wordplay. The subtle imperfections of this vocal approach makes the vulnerability factor standout. This is a soothing percussive effort but doesn’t outshine Keyomani‘s stellar pen. Get hip to the bro, he’s really onto something.

Blake Banks – Lay You Down

Its been a little minute since Blake Banks has dropped any music but he’s back on our pages with the sultry “Lay You Down”. Building off the bare bones of guitar strums. His braggadocio styling rings from top to bottom with his baritone voice. This one bleeds confidence and isn’t afraid to showcase the real identity of who Blake Banks truly is. Until the next, get hip.


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