The Beginning of Stardom for PETROS


TikTok introduces me to lots of new music. Some good, some bad but I have been introduced to an artist by the name of PETROS, who struck my attention with his unique sound and I just know he has what it takes. 

The track in question is “Even Angels Cry,” introducing a psychedelic production, similar to an older A$AP Rocky beat with an angelic voice that I haven’t heard before in this scene. The flow is like no other with PETROS creating his own wave and not hopping on any other tend to replicate a familiar sound. What really stands out to me is the hook, singing so effortlessly yet naturally displaying his hopes and desires. The reality that PETROS unveils in this track hits differently, taking risks and bringing those said dreams to fruition. 

Although I may not have been too hip with PETROS catalog before discovering this hit, I can only assume that he’ll continue to turn heads with his unique voice and efforts to be himself. 


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