THE BLOSSOM Bloomed on their Debut Project, “97 Blossom”


THE BLOSSOM has been gaining massive momentum this year with the releases of “Hardcore Happy” and “Shapeshifter”. Following up on these incredible singles, they give us a spectacular debut project 97 BlossomWhat I enjoy the most aboutTHE BLOSSOM is the genreless approach taken to songwriting. Fusing alternative rock, hip-hop, and R&B make for some of the most refreshing songs I’ve heard in a while.

Standout tracks from this EP are “Smoke” featuring Matt Champion, “Black Eye”, and “Confetti”. That being said, I love all the songs on here and overplayed most of them! THE BLOSSOM is a super exciting artist with some great ideas and a fresh take on contemporary music (not to mention the cover art for this project is sick as fuck). Make sure to enjoy this project and see where this superstar is taking the musical landscape. 


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