“The Elegant Fella” EP sees Kai Ca$h In His Element


Throughout the last year, Kai Ca$h has shown that he’s a master at integrating classic hip-hop into a more modern sound. His last project 711 was essentially him boasting gracefully over contemporary Trap and Drill beats. However, his newest release The Elegant Fella sees him dial back the need to invite other sounds into his space. Instead, he dominates beats that beckon the pensive style that he’s known for.

A prime example is the EP’s third track “Round The Way” which samples Slim Thug‘s “Thug From Around The Way”. Ca$h floats effortlessly over the beat and offers lyrics that detail the Brooklyn native’s impending stardom and the effort it has taken to get to this point in his career. Check out 711 below and stay tuned for more from Kai Ca$h!


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