The Level Up Tour: Milwaukee Edition



On June 15, 2016, I went out to The Rave in Milwaukee to check out “The Level Up Tour,” featuring the sound of many, many artists.

Among them were Siren, Rahn Harper, Rob Knapp, Cleo White, Mic Kellogg, DJ Marcu$, A$AP Ferg, and Tory Lanez. I gotta say, when I heard about this show, I was way too excited. Unfortunately, DC favorite Madeintyo announced that he had just had surgery on his mouth, and had to drop the show. (Get well soon!) When I walked up to The Rave, I was surprised to see a shit ton of folks lining up outside, well before doors even opened up. Little did I know how crazy this show was going to be. There was ~150 people in line when I walked up, which stretched the line pretty far.

So I got my ticket and walk into the 100 year old venue, which by the way, is gorgeous if you’ve never been, and find my place in the crowd, patiently awaiting the musical geniuses about to blow my mind. The crowd was mighty diverse. I was a little surprised, because some of the people there looked like they belonged at an EDM show, or at the Modern Baseball show happening next door. DJ Marcu$ started the night off right, playing some absolute bangers, and really warming the crowd up for Mic Kellogg’s opening set.

Mic is in my top five favorite artists out of Milwaukee, and never fails to put on an amazing show. He performed a couple solo songs, but when he brought out Rahn Harper, Siren, and Rob Knapp, man, his set was powerful.

So there was a short DJ set afterwards, and I used that time to sort of settle down and take in my surroundings. I don’t know the big venues by where a lot of you live, but seriously, The Rave has got to be in your list of places to visit. The whole place just wreaks of excellence and history, which I’m a total nerd for, but I’ll spare you from my ramblings about that.

So when Tory and Ferg came out, the crowd really turned The Rave upside-down, inside-out, really every which way possible. I got pushed up to the front, and the energy emanating off of the dynamic duo was mind-blowing. If you didn’t get to go out and see this show in any of the cities they came to, I personally feel bad for you. There was a point where Tory Lanez made the crowd be his stage, walking on their hands while performing. What a time to be alive.

All in all this show was a blast. I would like to send a special shout out to the staff at The Rave for hooking me up to go to this show and just being super accommodating. This is the first of many pieces that I’ll be doing regarding show coverage at The Rave. Stay tuned homies!


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