The Most Undeniably Good Song In The World Right Now Is Nippa’s “Situation”


Tomi really put the world on to Nippa and since we caught the wave it’s been madness ever since. Where do we even begin on this one because it’s not just the beat, it’s not just the vocals, it’s everything melding together so cohesively. The UK is incredibly overlooked by the people in the states because there isn’t an abundance of hype around the artists from across the pond. Though, “Situation” is translating incredibly well and has been in my personal rotation for a few weeks now.

Nippa’s subtle tone and unrelenting confidence are exuded through our screens. Shot by Faces and edited by JRX, this finished product has the world paying attention, or at least those who are truly tapped in. It’s only a matter of time until the rest of the population takes heed to his greatness, so best believe that Nippa is next.


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