The Personality: Meet OTF’s Budding Star Doodie Lo


After releasing his joint project with Lil Baby titled The Voice of the Heroes, Lil Durk went on a prolific nickname spree dishing out monickers like Nash in 05. However, he missed one crucial piece in his nickname campaign: Doodie Lo.

While the OTF signee’s menacing lyrics, gravelly tone, and fast-paced production stand out from the pack, his bubbly yet daring nature set him apart. In this article, I make a plea to name Doodie “The Personality”. Throughout our interview, Doodie never gave up the opportunity to slide in a slick remark or a big laugh.

When I asked him what it was like growing up in Kankakee, IL just outside of Chicago, he replied “My daddy was a rolling stone and my momma was a bad motherfucker nah I’m just playing…yo bro anybody ever tell you you look like Braden off of Power?”

The crazy part about this remark is throughout the next week I had four different people come up and tell me I looked like Braden from Power. Maybe he knows something I don’t.

Outside of a possible stand-up comedy career, Doodie has been rapping all his life. However, it wasn’t rap that led him to meet his label mate Lil Durk in 2013.

Lil Durk Gifts OTF's Doodie Lo With $200K Cash At Album Release Party | HipHopDX

“When we first met, we weren’t really on business shit. He was just my homie before the music. I wasn’t coming in like that. He was really just coming to Kankakee to ride four-wheelers and shit with me,” Doodie explained.

Doodie never really took rapping all that seriously but after meeting King Von in 2018. The two would release “Me and Doodie Lo” two years later which prompted him to hone in on his budding career.

“I really think rapping saved my life. if I wasn’t rapping I’d probably still be in my hometown probably in jail or dead. I’d still be in Kankakee in the trenches,” he stated.

Since then, artists like Big30, Moneybagg Yo, Kodak Black, and others have taken note of his talent and collaborated with him on many of his newest tracks.

When asked about how he balances the business and relationship side of the industry, he explained: “I don’t keep it business, we’re really friends and music is just a part of what we do. I never really forced it it just kinda happened like that. I really try to just build genuine relationships.”

The final piece of my plea for Doodie‘s nickname is his love of performing. During his shows, he jumps in the crowd regularly and has had his pants pulled down while crowd surfing on several occasions.

“That’s the best part of [rap] for me is performing. Every time before my shows, security always tells me ‘Doodie do not jump into the crowd’. You know what I tell them every time? I say ‘do your job’. I try to give the fans what they pay for,” he said.

With a personality that has gotten him every cosign needed, Doodie is poised to take over the industry as a frontline artist. His most recent track “Playing Wit My Name” showcases not just his personality but a will to make a name for himself. Check out the track below and stay tuned for more from Doodie Lo!


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