The Rising V Vol 8: Back In Business


After a brief hiatus, the Rising V is back in business! It’s been a crazy past few weeks I’ve just been super jetlagged and trying to get back into the rhythm of things. I feel like this week’s picks are some of the best artists I’ve ever brought to this series, so without further ado let’s get right into it.


$amaad is actually an artist that I’ve been bumping for a few months now. Every time I listen to him he just gets more and more fire. His songs are extremely catchy, his delivery is great, and his raspy voice really stands out. I’ve linked his newest track “Show a Band” down below.


Zoku! is an extremely talented artist. His versatility is insane, and his work rate is amazing. If you’re a Zoku! fan you can expect a new single on a consistent basis, and best believe that each single will be fire. I linked his track “Thru the Roof” down below. I’m a big fan of this track, especially the hook.


Skyte is the master of punchlines, and his wordplay is amazing. He’s got a clean delivery, and he loves to switch up and play around with his flow on his tracks. I feel like I can feel his energy through his tracks every time I listen. I’m linking “Loggin Her Out” down below, probably my favorite track by him.

Rsieh Raxan

When I tell you this kid is fire I absolutely mean it. When I first found Rsieh Raxan I went through most of his Soundcloud discography, and I enjoyed the entire catalog. He’s catchy, has a great voice, great delivery, and the beat selection is impeccable. One of the tracks that stood out to me was “5”, check it out.

Levii Hefner

Levii Hefner makes music that I can only describe as “feel-good” music. Whenever I turn on one of his tracks my mood is immediately lifted, and I find myself turning up to the max. His tracks are extremely catchy, and the melodic twist in his voice really elevates him to the next level. I’ve linked his track “Nonsense” down below, it’s a hit.


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