The Rising V Vol 9: SoundCloud Strikes Back


I know everyone has been feeling it lately. The Soundcloud drought is in full effect. Seems like the streets of Soundcloud have been more desolate than ever as of late. Personally I think we’re on the brink of a new wave, and I believe that some of these artists may be the ones who push that wave. The Rising V is back, so take a seat and dig right in!


44Romance’s sound is reflected perfectly in his name. His romantic melodies mesh perfectly with his energy. At only 19 years old, 44Romance is only at the beginning of his career, and I envision a long and successful road ahead of him. Check out his latest track “Senorita” linked down below.


Rosey! is an artist on this list that you may have already heard of as his last few songs have been doing consistent numbers. He’s got a mesmerizing voice, and his versatility really stands out through his discography. Check out his track “Drift” down below.


My favorite quality about Bands! is his versatility. Each and every song in his discography stand out, and they’re all structured beautifully. One of his strongest attributes is his hooks, they’re super catchy. Check out the track “Act Like!” down below.


Tefflon is a rare situation of an artist who sent me their Soundcloud link through DM, and I absolutely fell in love with the music. His beat selection is nuts, and he always flows effortlessly on the instrumental. I linked my favorite track “Kiwi” down below.


Swapa is absolutely nuts, and that’s all there is to it. He’s got the flow, he’s got the sound, and his latest tape highlights his evolution as an artist. He’s a young Jersey legend in the making. Check out his track “Footwork” down below.


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