The Weekly Detox #1: Meek Mill Exceeds Expectations, 50 Cent Pushes Mixtape Back, 2 Chainz/GOOD Music, Skewby & More


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Wassup, this is Chiefer Kelvin with the first installment of my Weekly Detox column.  The only detox you should be expecting this year and maybe for the rest of your life, no disrespect to Dr. Dre, haha.  Me and the other Chiefers were talking about going in a new direction with the blog.  We’re also currently working on a new layout so don’t worry, that’s on the way.  But we got high as fuck and came up with this idea.   Every Sunday, I’ll taking a break from smoking to break down all the Hip-Hop related shit that happened this past week.  I know that wasn’t grammatically correct but I really don’t care because I’ll be typing the same way I would be as if I were talking.  I’ll be testing this column out and hopefully you guys love it so we can make this a regular thing for the blog.  We post a lot of music throughout the week, but we don’t really post much news so this shit would be perfect for those people won’t don’t keep up with music on a regular basis like I do.  So let me start it off with the biggest news of the week…


I always knew this mixtape would be one of the most anticipated mixtapes of the year, but goddamn, who would’ve guessed that it would be downloaded over 2 million times within 5 hours?  That’s insane.  At 3:15PM when the mixtape dropped, DatPiff crashed.  Not many mixtapes that drop actually crash websites.  This basically puts Meek Mill on the same level as Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa buzz-wise when it comes to mixtape releases.  After listening to the mixtape, I realized it is exactly what I predicted.  If you think Dreamchasers 1 was amazing, then you’ll love this because there’s not much of a difference.  I don’t want to say that Meek Mill hasn’t grown musically, because he has, but not on the level everyone hoped.  It was basically a continuation from the first installment, but with better production. If anything, Rick Ross’ ability to hear out dope beats rubbed off on Meek because the beat selection was definitely on point.  But rhymes and content wise?  Same shit.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Because it was a FREE mixtape.  Shit, I still got this tape on repeat since it dropped.  So that means that Meek is saving all that good shit for Dreams & Nightmares when it drops on August 28th, which I’m definitely looking forward to.  The main thing this mixtape really proved is that Meek Mill’s buzz is really real.  He’s like the next 50 Cent.  A real guy coming from the streets rapping about real shit and that’s something we needed in Hip-Hop for awhile now.  With this amount of support, I’m going to predict that his first week sales should be around 200k if not more assuming at least 10% of the people that downloaded the mixtape are going to buy his debut album the first week.  If for some reason you still haven’t downloaded the mixtape, you can grab it here.


I really don’t have much to say about this.  I just thought you guys would like to know.  At first when I saw the headline I was of course all WHAT THE FUCK about it, but come to find out it’s only being delayed one week, I’m all good.  I’m just curious to see how many people still care that 50 Cent is working on a new tape with the past 2 disappointing albums and the batch of new rappers that has risen to stardom in the past couple of years.


A couple days ago Kanye West sent the above tweet which sent everyone into the assumption that Kanye meant that 2 Chainz just signed with G.O.O.D. Music.  That is not TRUUUUUUUUUU *2 Chainz voice*.  2 Chainz called up Bootleg Kev to clarify what the tweet actually meant.  In the interview, he states that him and Kanye are just really close and G.O.O.D. friends, but nothing is official.  That he meant that he’s not doing features for just anybody now unlike a couple months ago where he would do just about anything.  If you need a 2 Chainz feature, it would either cost you 100k or it would have to make sense for him to be featured on the song.  Meaning if you’re not at the top of the totem pole in the game, you better have a shit load of cash or you’re not getting the hottest rapper out right now on your song.  But would 2 Chainz necessarily fit in G.O.O.D. Music?  I don’t think so but it he would on a business level.  Besides Big Sean and Kanye, who’s really bringing keeping G.O.O.D. Music relevant?  Common recently parted ways with the crew, I fucks with CyHi but he recently fell off the map a bit, John Legend isn’t a rapper and don’t even get me started on Teyana Taylor; so picking up 2 Chainz wouldn’t be a bad idea since “Mercy” came off as a hard ass single.  What should be noted is that he 2 Chainz did not confirm or deny that he would be signed to G.O.O.D. Music by the time his album drops near the end of the interview, but then again, that could be me over analyzing it just like everyone else who jumped to this conclusion.


Ab-Soul dropped his new album, Control System, on Friday to continue on TDE’s underground Hip-Hop takeover.  Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 album was so dope that people are still bumpin’ to it, ScHoolBoy Q’s Habits and Contradictions started the year off perfectly for TDE and now we have Ab-Soul’s new album.  I haven’t really fully sat down and digested the album yet, but it was aight from what I’ve heard.  I fucks with every track he dropped early like “SOPA”, “Terrorist Threats”, “ILLuminate”, “Empathy”, “Pineal Gland” and obviously “Black Lip Bastard Remix” but the rest what I haven’t heard wasn’t as mind blowing as I hoped.  The only unheard tracks that I was really feelin’ was “Lust Demons” which features Jay Rock & BJ the Chicago Kid and “Bohemian Grove”.  I mean I liked it and I bought it, but like I said, it was as mind blowing as the early leaks.  What I like most about Soulo is all the urban culture references he makes in his rhymes like SOPA, Kony, Zimmerman, the “Addiction” sample, Nala from Lion King and all that weird shit.  Urban culture might not be the correct name, but I can’t think of what the correct term of what I’m trying to say so fuck it.  But you know, I haven’t sat through it yet so hopefully when I do, it’ll change my opinion on the album.

Side note: Sometimes I feel like people forget that Jay Rock is part of TDE, so letting him kill it for 2 minutes straight on the last track over that hard ass beat was a smart move.  Jay Rock’s last album Follow Me Home was dope, so hopefully he drops his album soon so TDE can call this year theirs.


It’s been awhile since Skewby dropped a mixtape, so to see this drop out of nowhere was a surprise to me.  Not really a full mixtape from the Memphis rapper like I was hoping, but an EP so half a mixtape which is good enough for me.  A lil somethin’ somethin’ to hold us over for that new new he gon’ put out.  You can pick up the EP here.

And the part of the column where I announce my “Rapper of the Week”…….


Lecrae, who is usually boxed in as a Christian rapper, dropped his DJ Cannon hosted mixtape, Church Clothes, on Thursday to universal praise, no pun intended.  I haven’t heard a single bad thing about this least not from anyone who’s opinion I care about.  He definitely lets his rap skills shine and basically proved to everyone that just because he is a rapper of God, doesn’t mean he only raps about praising God.  It’s more than just a bunch of gospel raps with DA CANNNNON adlibs on it, haha.  And unlike most Christian rappers, yes I’m saying GRITS cannot rap, Lecrae can actually SPIT.  What Lecrae did with this mixtape is he opened doors for Christian Hip-Hop and preach the gospel at the SAME DAMN TIME.  I’m Buddhist and this mixtape had me wanting to convert.  That’s how dope this tape is.  And for that, he is my rapper of the week.  Also, I hope Serena Williams never makes another attempt at trying to rap again.

And that’s it for the first installment of The Weekly Detox.  I feel like it was kinda short, but lemme know what you think about this weekly column.  If you fuckin’ with it, you can comment or tweet us.  Doesn’t really matter how you voice your opinion, as long as you do is all we ask.  So as soon as this shit becomes a regular thing, I’ll work on some official artwork so for now, you’ll get this smoking Buddha.


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