The Za Files Vol. 4: Na Fam You Stay With Mid


Ahh, The Za Files, probably the most prestigious of articles in all of music writing history. We highlight our favorite videos of the past few weeks and you are taken on a wondrous ride through all of the various genres. We have some Chiefer favorites here with Travy Nostra, Polo Perks and Marley Fox. But there is also an abundance of talent coming from the newcomers to our pages.

Myagang, Jack Karowack, Fleacoo, Truebeatzz, J Fitts, Oodaredevil, Lew Sid, Luh Bear, Heartbreak Tae, BigFaceFlex, and of course the 3Rem twins, all gifted us something great. A flavor for every auditory taste bud that you fiend for and none of that cookie-cutter bullshit. We take pride in bringing you quality before others are even aware of the waves. Do yourself a favor and peep all of the righteous Za below. You might think you’re pushing quality, but na fam you stay with the mid. Peace.

Travy Nostra – La Familia

Polo Perks – Mr. Brightside

Fleacoo & Truebeatzz – Medicine

J. Fitts – Gangstanary

Oodaredevil – WakeUp (Produced By 10fifty)

Myagang Featuring Luh Bear – Wipe

BIGFACEFLEX – Don’t Get It/Can’t Stand It

Marley Fox – Space Invader Ep. 7

Jack Karowak – Out For Delivery

Lew Sid – Make A Move

Heartbreak Tae – Chart Topper

3Rem – Terminal (Directed by @S9acect)



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