Thoto And Icytwat Flex A Remarkable Dynamic With New Single


This past week, the Cozy Boys dropped a brand new track. The duo that is Thoto and Icytwat, has teased many tracks in the recent past, alluding to a collaboration project called THOTTWAT that may be dropping soon. If you have seen any videos or SoundCloud leaks, you can bet you’ll be seeing the fans spamming “THOTTWAT” in the comments.

While they are two separate artists, Thoto and Icytwat are remarkably complementary. Together, they have merged their sounds to create a gritty, tough, rhythmic, and chaotic atmosphere, that you just don’t find often in the world of music. Today, the two came together to drop off “UnderArmour,” and the song is an absolute banger.

It is everything A$AP and AWGE fans have come to love about the collective. It’s representative of a contemporary sound with a sharp edge to it, and I can’t imagine what this would look like when performed at a festival post quarantine. The duo has already seen their fair share of dope co-signs but don’t let that distract you from the fire music. Tap in.


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