TikTok: Music Curations Newest Frontier


TikTok has been a hot topic in the music space for the past few years. Seeing countless stories of overnight virality and dance crazes, it’s a great marketing tool. However, what is often overlooked is the growing community of music curation on the platform. These creators share their personal taste on the app and have built a loyal fanbase of hungry music lovers. Today we are going to look at the best music-based TikTokers! 

Masked Mortal

If you’ve been on the music side of TikTok, you came across the Masked MortalHe’s known for creating some of the hottest Spotify playlists out right now and gives insight into great music being released. Amassing a following of a couple of hundred thousand, it’s easy to see many people enjoy the content he’s making. 

The Needle Drop 

Anthony Fantano (aka The Needle Drop) has been a staple in online music discussion for years now. Moving on to TikTok, we can see the music reviewer indulge in the music memes and light-hearted side of the platform. I always have a good laugh at his content, and he is someone you want to check out!

Sheesh Media

Sheesh has been exploding on TikTok. They often highlight funny interview moments or classic moments in popular music, from situations between Pete Davisodon and Kanye to outrageous things Tyler, The Creator has done. This is the perfect place to find out some music lore you have not previously known about. 

Without Warning New York

The guys over at Without Warning New York have been hipping me to underrated musicians for a minute now. This is a place where you can find some of the most cutting-edge music and fun facts about your favorite artists on the app. They are a must-follow.

Dev Lemons

I wanted to highlight Dev Lemons TikTok because I began following her without knowing she made music. The content she has been making is just so funny and intriguing, and I was a fan off of that. However, this brought me to find her music, and it is incredible as well. 

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