Timeflies – Mia Khalifa (#TimefliesTuesday)



Okay, as you guys all know, we love us some Mia Khalifa — and judging by the fact that she has gained over 80,000 followers in one week, we’re not the only ones. After releasing our exclusive interview to the world, Mia has done something only Kim K can say — she broke the Internet.

After some people in Lebanon got hold of some of her… films, some leaders of the Middle East didn’t take to kindly of what she does for a living. To be real, I could tell you the story, but I’m about good vibes and they’re honestly a joke for even caring. But bad publicity is good publicity, right?

Anyways, the good dudes over at TimeFlies decided to make a song we’ve all wanted to make, but were scared to do. And it’s actually catchy! Stream below.


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