Tino Szn Blesses Us with Another Banger in “Vice”


We’ve been tuned in to Tino Szn for a minute now and there’s good reason for it. The young Charlotte-native has been on a roll, dropping three fire projects and a handful of singles since 2018. At an impressively young age, he continues to curate his own unique sound, furthering our beliefs that 2021 will be a huge year for him.

Szn’s continuous streak can be seen in his new single entitled “Vice” featuring the roaring hot $NOT. The way in which Tino confidently flows and owns the track distracts us from the fact that he is still so early in his promsing career. This duo’s ability to match each other’s wave atop this guitar-riff commands your attention from start to finish. If you aren’t tapped into Tino Szn yet, you need to wake up.


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