Tino Szn’s “Pegasus Kid 3” Is Yet Another Fire Installment In This Stellar Series


Charlotte’s Tino Szn prevails once again with his incredible new project entitled Pegasus Kid 3. Tino provides energetic beat selection and memorable melodies with every moment on the mic. “Never Lose” has a electric brass riff to build with and Szn floats off of the rest.

You can sense a strong amount of confidence that artists twice his age don’t even possess. “Up” is another example of this and the instrumentation sets the scene for a terrific vocal follow through. “Lmk” with Skaiwater has all of the attributes of a real hit and these two have lethal pens in a world of peons. With production from Lukrative, Based1, Harold Harper, Vvspipes and Deskhop the production melds insanely well with Szn‘s voice.

These eight tracks could have a strong argument for one of the best rising projects of 2020. But regardless of the critics opinions, this music’s quality is undeniable. Tino is already a brilliant artist and hasn’t even hit his twenties, so get acquainted now, he’s gonna be around for a while.


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