Tokyo’s Revenge’s “THOT!” is An Absolute Smash!


Tokyo’s Revenge is back with another banger. Get hip to one of Hip-Hop’s best undiscovered stars. South Florida up-and-comer Tokyo’s Revenge has been making quite the impression lately. He has amassed millions of streams across discography, and just yesterday he blessed us with yet another hit. Tokyo’s Revenge represents South Florida so appropriately- his energy and rhythmic ability make it clear where he hails from. The music from this soon-to-be superstar begs his audience to want to see him live. This is easily one of my favorite tracks of the month so far, and I’d advise everybody to pay close attention to Tokyo’s Revenge, as it’s pretty clear he’s gonna be back with more bangers soon. This Mathias Tyner and Cliiifford-produced hit featuring ZEDSU is well worth the listen. Check out the latest from one of the best up-and-coming artists from the hip-hop hotbed of South Florida.


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