Tommy Richman Returns With An Upbeat Wave Entitled “Ice Kream Truck”


Tommy is one of those artists who doesn’t just ride waves of others, he’s here to create his own. Richman is a true musician developing his off-kilter styles and pushing his dreams to the masses. In his newest set of sounds, “Ice Kream Truck”, we hear a number of tones and brilliant effect that radiate through the airwaves.

The driving distorted crash and mechanical hats pulsate throughout the entirety of the record, which was self-produced by Tommy with some additional help from Yusf.  His songwriting is such a cut to left-field because it mentions real life experiences as opposed to overtly common boasts of owning an AP. Word around town is that there is an EP on the way soon and you better pay attention to the greatness. Below is a stellar visualizer to encapsulate the joy of the song while allowing you to familiarize yourself with the lyrics. He’s literally giving you all of the tools you need, so tap into this gas below.


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